1. What is draw-bar hook ?

1. Draw-bar hook is unit attached on vehicle, purposed for trailers towing.


2. What is trailer?

2. Trailer is vehicle purposed to attach on automobile or other vehicle.


3. What documents are necessary for third table ?

3. Documents for third table (Serbian law):

a) bill of trailer’s producer,

b) attest of trailer from Institute for motor vehicle,

c) technical exam of trailer,

d) attest of draw-bar hook,

e) demand form for third table (from SUP),

*When you buy trailer in Metal, you get document under (a,b,c).


4. Does trailer demand brake ?

4. Trailer,

- gross weight under 7500kg do not demand brake,

- gross weight between 750kg and 1500kg demand brake,

- gross weight over 1500kg demand hydraulic brake.


5. How much I can over load draw bar hook ?

5. Max vertical pressure on draw bar hook is 50kg. That’s mean that trailer must be balanced. Don’t be confused between vertical and horizontal pressure. Max horizontal pressure is always greater that pressure indicated in technical account of vehicle. Remember, purpose of draw-bar hook is for towing, not for caring.


6. What is torsion axle ?

6. Torsion axle is axle established on torsion’s forces. Torsion axle is better system than old systems (gapers, suspensions, etc..), because cycles suffer independently .


7. Does trailers for special purposes exist ?

7. Yes , trailer for special purposes exist. Metal made until today trailers for difference purpose. Trailers for bakeries, mobile kiosks, horse transport, dogs transport, bees transport, scooter transport, motorcycles transport, motor sleigh transport, for transport of cumbrous materials, etc...